Radio Charts (Top 50 tracks this last week)

artwork Ridiculon Acceptance (You Died) 4
artwork KISS Lick It Up 4
artwork Ridiculon Empty Vessels (Angel Room) 3
artwork Ridiculon Infanticide (Isaac Fight) 3
artwork Ridiculon The Fallen Angel (_____________) 3
artwork Ridiculon Periculum (The Cellar) 3
artwork Akito Nakatsuka Title 3
artwork Ridiculon The Forgotten (Secret Room) 3
artwork CoLD SToRAGE Canada 2
artwork Donkey Kong Country DK Island Swing 2
artwork Mick Gordon Death & Exhale 2
artwork London Philharmonic Orchestra Fez: Adventure 2
artwork Mario Kart Band Bowser's Castle 2
artwork The Flight Haze And Renewal (Part 2 - Out Of The Embrace) 2
artwork Gustavo Santaolalla Home 2
artwork Primus Jerry Was A Race Car Driver 2
artwork Final Fantasy 9 The Sneaky Frog and the Scoundrel 2
artwork Handel Messiah (Choruses) Hallelujah 2
artwork Mass Effect Suicide Mission 2
artwork Gareth Coker Naru, Embracing the Light (feat. Rachel Mellis) 2
artwork Darren Korb Gateless 2
artwork Jason Graves The Scavenger's Camp 2
artwork El Huervo Crush 2
artwork Danny Baranowsky Rhythmortis (Lobby) 2
artwork David Wise Get Fit A-Go-Go 2
artwork Grand Magus At Midnight They'll Get Wise 2
artwork Blokhe4d Ghost In A Can V1 2
artwork Danny Baranowsky Styx and Stones (4-1) 2
artwork Nobuo Uematsu Waltz de Chocobo 2
artwork Grand Theft Auto DJ Adam First (Halftime) 2
artwork The Bled House Of Suffering (Bad Brains Cover) 2
artwork Mario Kart Band Results A 2
artwork The Flight Your Hand Of Sun And Jewels (Part 3 - Onwards To Meridian/Carja Traditional) 2
artwork Animal Alpha Bundy 2
artwork C41 Since I Last Heard From You 2
artwork G. Schyman Let Go 2
artwork Rameses B Play To Win (feat. Holly Drummond) 2
artwork Mario Kart Band Congratulations! 2
artwork Darren Korb The Pantheon (Ain't Gonna Catch You) 2
artwork Danny Baranowsky Fast Track to Browntown (Ch 3 Boss) 2
artwork Mass Effect Jump Drive 2
artwork Black Stone Cherry Like I Roll 2
artwork Ridiculon Ascension (Chest Fight) 2
artwork Toby Fox Enemy Approaching 2
artwork Ian Livingstone 07 Feel The Pressure 2
artwork Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River 2
artwork Tsukasa Saitoh Blood-starved Beast 2
artwork Ridiculon Sketches of Pain (Chest Room) 2
artwork Donkey Kong Country 2 Primal Rave 2
artwork Danny Baranowsky March of the Profane (3-2 Hot feat. FamilyJules7x) 2